Michael Hintze

I am a 25 year old UI designer from New York. My focus is product design, interaction design, and front-end development. I have worked as a UX Designer at Nokia and Appllo Group. I recently completed my masters degree at UC Berkeley and I am currently working at Apple as a UX Designer.

Some side projects I have worked: Stufte, Coffee on me, Instore.

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I have been at Apple since May 2012 on the Apple Support Design team.

I am responsible for the customer experience and design of various web apps, transactional tools, and support content. I spend the bulk of my time ushering projects from brainstorming with projects leads through final implementaiton with development teams.

The remainder of my time is spent on coming up with new user-interface and application concepts for the Support group. I design and prototype to demo these ideas. These concepts are shown around internally, to inspire new projects.

I was also the first place winner of the internal design competition, iContest.

Unfortunately I am not able to share my work publically. Please contact me if your interested in learning more about projects I have worked on at Apple.

UX/UI Designer
Project Included
Mobile and Web Interface
May 2012 - Present