Michael Hintze

I am a 25 year old UI designer from New York. My focus is product design, interaction design, and front-end development. I have worked as a UX Designer at Nokia and Appllo Group. I recently completed my masters degree at UC Berkeley and I am currently working at Apple as a UX Designer.

Some side projects I have worked: Stufte, Coffee on me, Instore.

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Social events, done better

Drinkly makes it easy to schedule nights out with your friends and get drink specials.


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The Idea

This project started in the most likely of places. A bar.

I was talking with a classmate of mine, Dave Lester about how hard it was to get fellow students together for a night out, so we decided to do something about it. We wanted to make something that made it easier for sudents to plan social events, and save some money in the process.

We started by talking with some bartenders. We wanted to know how they engaged with customers during down time to fill the empty seats. By the end of the conversation we had already thrown out a few assumptions and had enough information to know that these bartenders would try anything once as long as it was free.

Next we got to talking to our classmates. We learned that most of the planning for these informal events happened over email and text messages. Often these turned into long threads that were hard to maintain and most people opinions were drowned out. Howerver, we also learned that their always tended to be a single planner, a person who took ownership for getting everyone together. We also noticed that people really were looking for a better way to have their voice heard.

By this time we had enough information to move forward with some ideas, and start building something to validate.


We wanted to generate some buzz on campus, so we decided to spend some time branding our half baked app. When designing our logo I instinctually knew that our product would need to appeals to a broad audience. Everything from the beer drinking Joe Sixpack, to the more refined cocktail drinker was a potential user for us. This helped me focus on designing something that was flexible and could adapt to a broad set of needs.

Getting the word out

While in development we wanted to start getting the word out around campus, so we created a simple newlettler so students could sign up to hear about drink specials and we could start collecting email address, and generating a suer base. We also created an app sign up page at this time as well.

The App

I spent a short time sketching, and wireframing on this project. The goal was to build something quickly and put it in front of students and see where it failed. The goal was to really test the concept more than anything else.

Tools for Businesses

A simple interface for bars to create specials and engage with students on campus.

Campus Poster

I created a large format poster that was printed and displayed on the UC Berkeley campus.

Role In Project
Project Included
Mobile and Web Interface, Branding, Print
May 2013